Getting Personal(just a little about me)

When considering paying for professional photos for any occasion, I believe it is crucial to at least feel the potential to have a connection or to be comfortable with the person behind the camera lens. These are the most special and treasured moments of your lives. It is so much easier to enjoy the process of the photo shoot when you feel as comfortable as possible (I say as possible because, let’s face it, not many people are comfortable in front of a camera – myself included). And that is the whole point of it right? To enjoy yourself. To enjoy life. So here is a little bit about me, to help you identify if we would be a good fit.

Photography has been a life long passion. I have continued to grow as a photographer because the results I see as I improve excite me. Pulling a second of someone’s life (or the life of someone they cherish) onto a permanent medium for them to look back on for years to come is the coolest part of this adventure.  Engagements, newborn and child photography, and rescue dogs have been my favorite subjects lately. Especially the rescue dogs. The opportunity to work with Mid-Atlantic Bully Buddies to photograph their dogs searching for furever homes has shown me how much I really love what I do. Because after a 12 hour shift and a two-hour drive home I am still excited to go photograph a new pup, as a volunteer. That’s passion. As long as I feel that about photography I will continue to grow this business.  And my hope is that every client feels that from me, and sees it in their pictures.

Referencing back to the 12-hour shift comment. I am also a full time Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse. It is pretty awesome. Night shift is certainly not the highest point of my social life right now, but working with an incredible team of nurses, doctors and midwives to bring life into the world in a happy and peaceful or sometimes “just breathing is good enough” sort of way is definitely something to be grateful for. And, this also makes me super qualified to be maneuvering your newborn baby into positions for the perfect photo :).

I am originally from a wonderful and supportive family in Connecticut. I went to the best school in the world James Madison University. I’ve lived and grown this business both in Baltimore, MD and Alexandria, VA. I am in the process of moving back to my family in Connecticut with my fianc√© and my frenchie. However, I really really meant that comment on the front page, “willing to travel for a good love story – human or canine”.

I love french bulldogs and pitbulls. I love a good girly wheat beer, a good Italian red wine, and sometimes a good workout. Food. Especially anything my Mom and Sister, Jewtalian cook. I also love my boyfriend. He’s pretty awesome. And he has been such a great supporter in the making of this website. Thanks, Ryan <3.

Thanks for Visiting

xo Lisa

Oh, and to the right —> this is kind of what I look like. But the chances of me not wearing workout clothes to your photo shoot is slim to none.